Homeowners Insurance Claim Check Questions

A homeowner’s insurance policy pays for damage to your property if something unexpected happens. After filing a claim, your home insurance company will send an adjuster to look at the damage’s extent and determine your settlement amount. Here are some FAQs people ask themselves when planning to file a home insurance claim.


When can I file a home insurance claim?

You can file a claim when your home suffers damage, but this is not always the best option in most cases because the process seems logical.


How long will it take my insurer to settle with me?

According to the law, your insurer must accept or reject your claim within 15 days of receiving your claim. They must send a draft or check within five days once the insurance company agrees to pay your claim.


How long will it take for the insurance company to send an adjuster?

That depends on whether your home is safe to inspect. The company generally has 15 days to investigate your claim unless a named storm prevents them.


Will my insurer make temporary living arrangements?

Generally, you will need to make your arrangements. But if you have Temporary/Additional Living Expenses coverage, your insurance company should reimburse you for temporary accommodation.


Will accepting the check settlement end my claim?

Find out whether cashing an insurance settlement check will end your claim before accepting. Look to see if the settlement check has any documentation indicating “final” payment. If it does, the insurance company will likely view the act of cashing payout as your final settlement.

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